I am a postdoctoral scholar working in Mikael Rechtsman's group in the Department of Physics at Pennsylvania State University. Prior to starting at Penn State, I completed my doctorate in physics with Douglas Stone at Yale University, and spent two years working as a postdoc with Shanhui Fan at Stanford University.

Generally speaking, my research interests lie in developing novel types of photonic structures that can exhibit new physics or enable new applications. Currently, I'm interested in exploring phenomena which are found at the intersection of topological and non-Hermitian physics, such as Weyl exceptional rings, bound states in the continuum, and the corner-localized states present in systems with higher-order topology. My research is about equally divided between analytical, numerical, and experimental work. In the past, I have also worked on more general theories of the quantum limited laser linewidth, and designing highly multi-mode lasers for use as high-power incoherent light sources. For additional information about some of my recent projects, please head over to my research section.

Picture of Alex Cerjan backpacking in Grand Teton National Park.